The Commune of Brudzew is situated by one of the most important traffic routes in Europe. A2 Motorway connects the Commune with the European network of motorways.

Airports in Poznań and Łódź offer a direct connection with over 20 European cities. The Warsaw Chopin Airport is a window to the entire world


The Commune of Brudzew is inhabited by approximately 6000 people. However, thanks to the convenient transport system up to 250 000 people live at a distance of half hour’s journey.

People and the potential

6 thou. of inhabitants

in the Commune of Brudzew

36 thou. of inhabitants

within the distance of a 15-minute
journey by car

250 thou. of inhabitants

within the distance of a 30-minute
journey by car

500 thou. of inhabitants

within the distance of a 45-minute
journey by car


3 000 PLN / 700

an average monthly salary

7,1 %

an unemployment rate


registered business entities

1,5 thou. of people

seeking employment within the distance of a 15-minute
journey by car

11 thou. of people

seeking employment within the distance of a 30-minute
journey by car

24 thou. of people

seeking employment within the distance of a 45-minute
journey by car

220 ha

of investment land

Accessibility of Transport Connections

location by A2 motorway – a direct exit


45 min.

to Łódź

1 h 20 min.

to Poznań

2 h

to Warsaw

3,5 h

to Berlin

(from Koło Station, 20 min away from Brudzew)

1,5 h

to Poznań

2 h

to Warsaw

4,5 h

to Berlin


For several years Poland has been one of the most dynamically developing economies in the European Union, excelling at the statement of GDP annual growth rates. The steady growth of the Polish economy arises from:

  • a large domestic market (38 million of inhabitants),
  • a high productivity rate of Polish employees,
  • EU funds.

A.T. Kearney’s Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index® places Poland among 25 top countries in which it is worth locating a business.
Management staff of the largest international companies notices in Poland a prospect of profitable investments primarily in the machine and automotive sectors as well as in research and development (R&D), biotechnology, IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) sectors.

Greater Poland Region is one of the economically best-developed regions in Poland. It is characterised by a high concentration of foreign capital (third place in Poland). Rapid economic development is facilitated by:

  • high potential of human resources,
  • good transport connections,
  • well-developed business environment,
  • traditions of industrial and trade culture.


  • Volkswagen (Germany) - over 8000 people
  • Philips (Holland) - 3000 people
  • H&M (Sweden) – 3000 people
  • Amazon (USA) – 2000 people
  • Bridgestone (Japan) – 1700 people
  • Pratt & Whitney (Canada) – 1500 people
  • GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GB) – 1000 people
  • Intermarche (France) – 1000 people
  • SABMiller (RSA) – 500 people


The economy of Brudzew Commune has for many years been based on the brown coal excavation. Until the present day Adamów S.A. PAK Brown Coal Mine has been the largest employer in the commune. The work in the mine including operation of complicated multi-bucket excavators accustomed the staff to perform responsible tasks.

At the territory of the Commune there are enterprises which have also achieved success in other trades. The most competitive enterprises operate in the sector of microbiology and veterinary medicine. The projects undertaken by them are unique on the regional, national and even European level. These comprise Vet-Lab Brudzew and ProBiotics Polska.

Vet-Lab – an innovative veterinary laboratory

Vet-Lab Brudzew company is one of the leaders of innovativeness in Greater Poland. It conducts advanced research projects in the scope of veterinary medicine. It specialises in diagnostics and monitoring of the health state of breeding animals. Vet-Lab is one of the three companies co-creating the consortium conducting innovative research projects on the creation of urinary bladders based on polymer fibres.

Vet-Lab company was recognised as the most innovative company in Greater Poland in 2008 and awarded with the prize of the Marshal of Greater Poland Province.

The founder of Vet-Lab Brudzew company, dr Piotr Kwieciński, holds a motto of  'animals + people = common health’.

ProBiotics Polska – national leader in the production and sales of probiotics

Probiotics are products containing micro-organisms which have a beneficial influence on human health and environment and substitute chemical substances. Probiotic mother cultures are produced in the modern probiotic plant in Bratuszyn owned by the company. It is the first such activity in Europe and the third one in the world! The plant itself is almost entirely energetically self-efficient. The company products are used, among others, in soaps, cleaning products for households, soil fertilising preparations and those protecting plants and animals against diseases (including chicken farms) as well as products which support human health and enrich human intestinal micro-flora. The Bratuszyn company establishes a nationwide network of regional plants and sales and training centres which popularise and sell probiotics.


The open-pit mine that has been operating for 50 years is just finishing its production. This gives a unique opportunity to introduce to the Commune new functions, including the spectacular development of tourism connecting education, leisure and emotions. The operation of the mine has caused changes to the physical and social landscape of the commune on a massive scale. An open-pit form of excavation has resulted in the creation of incredible enormous basins of the width ranging from several hundred metres to over 2 kilometres and the depth of up to 55 metres.

As a result of the completion of mining activities and flooding of the mine excavation, the Bogdałów and Janiszew water reservoirs has been created. Other much larger waterbodies are to be created in Koźmin, Głowy and Kwiatkowo. These reservoirs will create conditions for recreation, sunbathing and sailing. They will significantly raise the tourist and landscape attractiveness of the Brudzew Commune area.

Multi-year plans which are to create conditions for the sustainable development of degraded areas

The commune self-government has initiated the processes of revitalisation in post-mine areas.

Communal Revitalisation Programme

It will be prepared thanks to the subsidies granted by the Greater Poland Province and the Ministry of Development. In effect to this programme, simplified procedures of spatial planning as well as tax exemptions for investors may be used in post-mine areas.

Creation of the Social Cooperative

This will be a social economy enterprise whose activities will be oriented at the use of the achievements and heritage of the open-pit mine as a tourist attraction. The extent of its activity also includes the development of handicraft combining local art, culture and ecological thinking in the field of wooden products and cuisine.

The commencement of urban and architectural works in terms of the creation of the Discovery Centre

Indication of the venues for the implementation of basic functions required to support tourism. The conceptual design of modern buildings with exposition and educational functions, which will become the new flagship of the Commune of Brudzew. The creation of the concept and charting of tourist trails with the use of local potential.

Sustainable development of Brudzew Commune is our aspiration and plan for the coming decades. The development that involves the local community and is based on local resources. We wish to provide for the global trends and prepare an attractive offer on the national level.


At the territory of the Brudzew Commune there are currently over 220 hectares of investment land

The majority of which is located in the following sectors: Olimpia, Tarnowa, Brudzyń, Marulew, Wincentów and Bratuszyn.

All the above-mentioned land comes within the scope of the Study of conditions and directions of spatial development of Brudzew Commune passed by the Brudzew Commune Council. According to the binding provisions of law, manufacturing and service functions are its primary intended use. This means that the investment process may readily be commenced there.

Investments areas
1. Bierzmo4 ha
2. Olimpia36,5 ha
3. Tarnowa29 ha
4. Smolina50 ha
5. Brudzyń38 ha
6. Marulew29 ha
7. Wincentów23 ha
8. Bratuszyn13 ha
TOTAL222,5 ha

Przykładowe oferty inwestycyjne Gminy Brudzew:








  • heat and power sector (gas heat and power plant),
  • food processing industry,

    including drying plants, dairies, breweries, cold stores and others, characterised by a considerable demand for heat, which may be provided by the natural gas,

  • manufacturers of plastic goods and chemical industry,
  • glass factories, including car glass,
  • manufacturing industry of modern construction materials,
  • automotive industry and the related businesses.


  • convenient location by A2 motorway junction,
  • the course of a high-pressure gas pipeline,
  • accessibility of qualified workforce,
  • accessibility of fossil aggregate.


The Discovery Park

The Discovery Park is aimed to become a nationwide tourist attraction. It will present globally unique geological and archaeological findings. The first of them is a fossil forest from before 12 000 years; so far we know only several trees in Europe dating back to that period! The second one constitutes an extraordinary settlement from the Roman times located at the Amber Trail. This settlement had functioned for approximately 800 years! In the course of archaeological works it was possible to obtain thousands of invaluable and excellently preserved findings.

Assumptions for the construction of the Discovery Park:

  • location by one of the four lakes,

  • its design is to be prepared by a renown architectural firm,

  • attempts to obtain a gigantic multi-bucket excavators as one of the Park exhibits are in progress,

  • the reconstruction of the settlement located there in Roman times is to be one of the Park’s attractions,

  • the Park is to be a centre of tourism and the starting point for thematic tourist trails,

  • its development and operation will be connected with the operation of the local social cooperative,

  • a hotel, restaurant and a café are also planned in the vicinity of the Park - the Commune is going to seek investors for their construction.

Thematic tourist trails

Thematic tourist trails constitute an idea to combine attractions of the Brudzew Commune with the Discovery Park. They will be implemented around the following attributes:

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